Research Scientist

  • Yuqing Xie is currently a Research Scientist at Netflix, Los Gatos, United States.

  • Before that, she got her Ph.D. in NLP in the David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science at the University of Waterloo in Aug 2023. She was co-supervised by Prof. Ming Li and Prof. Jimmy Lin. Her research interest focuses on Natural Language Processing problems, especially on Question Answering, Information Retrieval and Domain Adaption Applications. She is also interested in model robustness and generalization, few-shot learning and non-parametric learning.

  • She got a bachelor’s degree in 2018 in in Mathematics at Fudan University in Shanghai, China.


  • 2023-08: I started a new position at Netflix and moved to the bay area in the US.
  • 2023-08: I successfully defende my thesis: Information Access Using Neural Networks For Diverse Domains And Sources.
  • 2023-01: My work with AWS AI on Gated Fusion for Backward-Compatiable NLP model is accepted by EACL 2023 Findings.
  • 2023-01: My work with Wei Zhong on MathIR and MathQA was selected as the best paper for CLEF 2022 Labs.
  • 2022-10: My work on Math IR is accepted by ACL 2022 Findings.
  • 2022-09: My work with Instacart Search team on Embedding based grocery search model is accepted by SIGIR 2022 E-coms.
  • 2022-06: I pass the comprehensive II exam and officially become a PhD candidate.
  • 2021-08: I start a remote internship at Instacart.
  • 2021-05: My long paper written during the internship with Amazon AWS AI was accepted by ACL 2021 main conference.
  • 2021-02: My paper on sentence level position embedding is accepted by AAAI 2021.
  • 2020-10: The source code for BERTserini is officially open-sourced here!
  • 2020-08: I start a remote intership at Amazon AWS AI.
  • 2020-01: As the first author, I have one paper accepted to WWW 2020. Let’s meet and talk in Taipei!
  • 2019-06: As the first author, I have a demo papers accepted to NAACL 2019. I had an exciting travel to Minneapolis, USA from June 1st to June 7th.